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Releases August 13th, 2019!

My Florida summer is not so hot. My mom and sister disappear, my dad is killed by a rogue wave, and then Hermes – yeah the god guy – shows up. He says a wave didn’t kill my dad – it was a monster from Greek myth. He invites me to Mount Olympus Academy where I’ll learn to be a killer and take my revenge.

My classmates are vampires, witches and shifters – all of us training to fight in the war between the gods and monsters. There's also... Val. He's a vampire, and I can't stop thinking about him even though interspecies dating is taboo. Plus he's got secrets too.

I get secrets. The wings that sprout from my back were hidden from me my entire life. I’ve learned how to control them, but haven’t completed a full shift yet, which makes it impossible to figure out what I am. And… sometimes, I breathe fire. Which is weird, but also unfortunate, because someone has started setting fires on campus and and right now all the evidence points to me.

I need to figure out how to shift and clear my name, or else I’m going to find out what happens to those who betray the gods. I’ve heard they die by fire or flood… and I don’t like either of those options.

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Releases October 1st, 2019!

Edie’s adventures with her friends - and enemies - at Mount Olympus Academy continue as danger and mystery increase, during a long, hot summer.